ElectionWill Kumar Vishwas's security increase?: Government alerted after statement on Kejriwal

Will Kumar Vishwas’s security increase?: Government alerted after statement on Kejriwal

Kejriwal-Kumar Vishwas controversy:

The Home Ministry is considering enhancing Kumar Vishwas’ security. Kumar Vishwas has made many revelations about Kejriwal, and this has caused a seismic shift in Punjab’s politics. Arvind Kejriwal was alleged to be a supporter of separatists in Punjab by Viswas.

We can increase the security of former Aam Aadmi Party leader and poet Kumar Vishwas. The Home Ministry is reviewing their security, according to information. The news came to light after Kumar Vishwas made big revelations about Kejriwal, which triggered a political earthquake in Punjab. Vishwas had claimed that Arvind Kejriwal was a supporter of separatists in Punjab. Kejriwal once told him he would either become Punjab’s chief minister or the first prime minister of Khalistan.

Vishwas had claimed that Kejriwal had no qualms about taking the help of separatists. The state of Punjab does not exist. It is a sentiment. The Punjabiyat sentiment exists all over the world. A man whom I once told not to take the side of the separatists, finds himself in such a situation. He then said that no-no will happen.

Kejriwal told the formula

Kumar Vishwas had claimed that Kejriwal had also told him how to become Chief Minister. Kejriwal had said that he would get Bhagwant Mann and HS Phoolka to fight and I would win. He is still on the same path. Kejriwal once said that you need not worry, one day I will become the Chief Minister of an independent state. When I talked about separatism, he said, “So what if it happens, I will become the Prime Minister of an independent country.”

Kejriwal breaks silence

Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal has broken his silence on the allegations of Kumar Vishwas, one of the party’s founding members. In an interview with a channel, Kejriwal said that Kumar Vishwas is a comic poet who can say anything, which Modi ji and Rahul ji have taken seriously. Kumar Vishwas may have written a comic poem.

Kejriwal said that if he had been planning to divide India in two for 10 years, why has the government not taken action? Kejriwal called it “rubbish,” saying the BJP was in power for 7 years and the Congress was in power for 10 years. Did these governments sleep while such a big terrorist was planning? Prime Minister Modi slept. Why were no actions taken? AAP leader Raghav Chadha earlier questioned why Kumar Vishwas remained silent from 2017 to today if he had any such information. Why did he remember this day before the election?


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