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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has won a small victory over ex-husband Jason Sudeikis in the custody battle over her two children 

Olivia, Jason, their attorneys and judges from New York (where Jason lives) and Los Angeles (where Olivia lives) participated in a zoom hearing in July.  

'Olivia Wilde' wins custody battle

Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde made headlines earlier this year after being handed a mysterious yellow envelope marked "Personal and Confidential" during a CinemaCon presentation. 

Olivia Wilde

According to her, Jason embarrasses me in this manner and puts our personal conflict on public display in a way that is contrary to the interests of our children.

Jason Sudeikis served Olivia Wilde's custody papers live on stage in an attempt to "threaten" and "embarrass" her in "the most aggressive manner possible"

Olivia Wilde recently won a major custody battle against her ex Jason Sudeikis.


Sudeikis filed a custody petition against his ex in New York City family court in October last year, seeking New York City as the child's permanent residence.

The recent filings from Wilde explain that she filed to continue the custody battle in LA following Sudeikis' actions "which clearly indicated that we will be unable to resolve this outside of court." 

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