ElectionShock to Congress, Mahila Congress President Sarita Arya joins BJP

Shock to Congress, Mahila Congress President Sarita Arya joins BJP

Uttarakhand Election 2022:

The Congress party has suffered a major setback in Uttarakhand. Sarita Arya, a former MLA from Nainital and state president of the Mahila Congress, has now joined the BJP after her rebellious tone. On Monday, BJP state president Madan Kaushik obtained his membership in the party in Dehradun. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami was also present.

Congress expelled for six years

In addition to Sarita Arya, Congress Mahila State Vice President Rekha Bora Gupta and Vandana Gupta also joined the BJP. Sarita Arya, however, has been expelled from the Congress party for six years, removing her from all posts.

Sarita Arya’s rebellious attitude earlier in the week had maintained a hot atmosphere in Congress headquarters. As soon as she learned that BJP leaders were meeting with her, she said in the party office on Saturday, “I am in Congress now, I do not know what will happen.”. It is a democracy, everyone is free to think for themselves…. It will contest there as well if the BJP gives it a ticket.

In Uttarakhand, if not 40, at least 20 percent women get tickets.

The news of Sarita Arya meeting BJP leaders broke late on Friday night. Leaders of the party then tried to persuade her. Trying to reassure her that everything was fine, state general secretary Mathuradutt Joshi brought her to the Congress building believing in her, but Sarita’s rebellious attitude continued here as well.

The Congress National General Secretary referred to the UP formula in “Ladki Hoon, I can fight” as her proposal for a 20 percent female quota in Uttarakhand if not 40 percent. She is the state president of Mahila Congress and is responsible for advocating for the rights of all women affiliated with the party. She also asks how you will raise our voices if your ticket is not confirmed.

Sarita said, “This question mark has hit me.”. We are ignored at the party. No one listens to us. A situation like this requires us to think of our interests as well. Some women have worked for this party for more than 30 years. She is telling me that, if you cannot provide us with tickets from here, then we have other options. Is there a time limit? We need tickets for ourselves as well as for the other women. When the BJP offers me a ticket, I will definitely go to the BJP.

She denied meeting BJP leaders, but added that I have made my point. She also referred to herself as a true soldier of the Congress. I am also free to think for myself if I am ignored.

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