Lucknow NewsUP Weather (Lucknow News): Schools closed in Lucknow today

UP Weather (Lucknow News): Schools closed in Lucknow today

Lucknow News: School closed today in Lucknow, hospital alert, administration alert, control room formed in anticipation of heavy rains

Lucknow weather (Lucknow News): It rained intermittently from Sunday morning to late night. The weather forecast for Monday also predicts heavy rain. Due to this, all urban and rural board schools in the district have declared a holiday on October 10.

Lucknow experienced intermittent rain from Sunday morning to late Sunday night. In addition, heavy rain is forecast for Monday. All board schools in urban and rural areas have been declared closed on October 10 due to this. Hospitals have also been provided with a control room to keep them on high alert. Following an advisory to the district’s residents, they have been urged to remain vigilant. Yogi Adityanath has asked the administration to be alert in light of the current situation.

Lucknow weather (Lucknow News) | Image Source: News18
Lucknow weather (Lucknow News) | Image Source: News18

Suryapal Gangwar, the district magistrate, has informed the people that heavy rain is possible on Monday. Therefore, everyone should be very careful. Avoid old dilapidated buildings. Leaving the house should only be done when absolutely necessary. Traffic jams and crowded areas should be avoided. Make sure you stay away from open sewers, electric wires, and poles. Call the municipal control room at 9151055671, 9151055672, 9151055673 and the toll free number 1533 for information about any civic issue, such as water logging, falling trees, etc.

The helpline number 1912 can be called in case of power outages. Additionally, he has asked people to drink boiled water and to obtain bleaching powder and chlorine tablets from their nearest health center. Lucknow’s control room can be contacted at 0522-2622080 in case of any medical emergency, according to the Chief Medical Officer. Integrated Control Command Center number 0522-4523000 can be used for any other problems.

Lucknow News: Hospital team ready

A high alert will be issued to all government hospitals, PHCs, CHCs, and other hospitals in the district. Arrangements will be made at the hospitals for trauma management, snakebite treatment, electric shock treatment, and waterborne disease treatment. In case of an emergency, officers and employees posted in contingency services will be on duty. There will be an availability of medicines and a patient vehicle. All government and emergency service offices will remain open as a result. Heads of private offices have been advised to take appropriate decisions regarding declaring holidays at their own level.

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