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UP: Schools will be closed from December 31 to January 14 due to severe cold

The primary and junior schools of UP will be closed from December 31 to January 14, 2022. The Time and Motion Study of Basic Education Department has given the first ever winter vacation. On the orders of the District Magistrate, schools in different districts were on holiday. The order is valid for classes I to VIII. 

Calling children to school requires the permission of their parents

Schools will not be able to force students to attend due to Omicron’s threats. Students must obtain parental consent before attending school. The wearing of masks will be mandatory for teachers, staff, and students. The Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has issued a guideline regarding the orders of the Principal Secretary of Secondary Education. Schools of all the boards of UP will have to follow this guideline. A directive has been issued by Council Secretary Divyakant Shukla to the Divisional Joint Directors of Education and DIOS to ensure strict implementation of the directive. The schools are required to make arrangements for online education. If someone in the school shows symptoms of cold, fever, etc., arrangements should be made to send them home with medical advice. Organizing an event should only be undertaken when social distancing can be maintained.

The rule should also apply to prayer meetings

If a prayer meeting or athletic or cultural event is being organized in a school, then Kovid protocol must be followed strictly. Staff and teachers should be vaccinated as well. Schools must be sanitized daily. Teacher, student, and staff thermal scans should be performed upon entrance. The gate itself should have arrangements for handwashing and hand sanitizing. During school breaks, social distancing should be observed. A minimum distance of six feet should be followed even inside the school. Sanitizing school buses is also highly recommended. Maintaining distances internally as well is also important.

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