Latest NewsThe big terrorist conspiracy failed before 26 January

The big terrorist conspiracy failed before 26 January

Terrorist conspiracy : Recovered IEDs in Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir, and RDX in Punjab

New Delhi : On Friday, there was a stir in different states of the country due to the discovery of explosives. Bombs were found in Delhi, Punjab, and Jammu and Kashmir. The explosives were defused by security forces. The police are investigating these incidents.

A conspiracy to shake the country is coming out before the Republic Day. Today, in Delhi, in Punjab, and in Jammu and Kashmir, the country’s security agencies foiled a major conspiracy. An IED was found in East Delhi’s Ghazipur Phool Mandi. Bomb disposal experts defused it. Khwaja Bazar in Srinagar was also the site of an IED recovery. In addition, a large quantity of RDX has been found in Punjab. The police are investigating these cases. The police are investigating three separate incidents.

5 kg RDX found at Indo-Pak border

In the village of Dhanoa Kala near the international border with Pakistan, the Special Task Force seized a large quantity of RDX. According to reports, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and Khalistani terrorists are conspiring to use RDX to disrupt the elections. The amount of RDX is more than 5 kilograms. Police are questioning the suspects. A day earlier, police in Nawanshahr had found 2.5 kg of RDX and 12 cartridges of an AK-47 in the midst of questioning six suspects in a hand grenade blast case at Pathankot Army Camp.

Pressure cooker bomb recovered in Srinagar

In Khwaja Bazar, Srinagar, a pressure cooker bomb was found. An IED was hidden inside the pressure cooker. A sack concealed the cooker. After learning of this terrorist conspiracy, the police reached the scene with a Bomb Disposal Squad case. The squad has been deactivated.

However, an IED was found in an unclaimed bag at Phool Mandi in Ghazipur, Delhi. When the unclaimed bag was found, there was a stir. The bomb disposal squad and fire brigade also arrived at the scene shortly after the district police, Special Cell, and fire brigade were informed of the bomb in the bag. An excavation pit was dug with a JCB to defuse the bomb. There was a loud explosion after the bomb was dropped in the pit. A police investigation is underway.


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