Latest NewsSmriti Irani: Social media denies women's dignity, irrespective of their religion.

Smriti Irani: Social media denies women’s dignity, irrespective of their religion.

As part of her engagement with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Department of Telecommunications regarding the security of women on the Internet and social media platforms, Union Minister for Women and Child Development said on Monday.

Smriti Irani said that people need to come together to solve the issue across party lines.

She responded to a question about Muslim women being targeted through apps by saying that women of all faiths are denied dignity online. This issue should be investigated by the police. I am confident that those responsible will be punished. The purpose of my engagement with the Supreme Court Justices was to ensure expedited cases. The law requires the Supreme Court to make a decision as soon as possible. However, there has been laxity given the burden on our court system. However, I am hopeful that more and more cases of women receiving justice will be highlighted between the police and the judiciary. My goal is to use this platform to emphasize that this is an issue on which we must come together, irrespective of our political views. The impact of pornography on youth was discussed after the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder. “It’s time to have the same conversation again.”

As an example, she referred to a tweet posted by film actor Siddharth on January 6, after Saina Nehwal tweeted that she supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the security breach during his visit to Punjab. The National Commission for Women hasn’t forgotten about the actor’s tweets and has written to Maharashtra DGP and Twitter India asking that they investigate the matter.

Is an app the only means by which women are explicitly objectified? In short, no. In my mind as I entered this conversation, I had a world champion, Ms. Nehwal, who had been degraded for her political views by a man I thought was popular, a man who would have known better. This issue needs to be viewed holistically. Do we need to be concerned about only the men who are caught? Or, the men who prevent women from speaking out? 

The point of view of Ms Nehwal was worth mentioning. Unfortunately, she was denigrated and objectified. “Should such men also be held accountable?” she said.

She claimed that a member of the Vadra family used apps to target women: “I have been at the receiving end of this.” Does this issue enrage me? Definitely. My role was to announce that the Ministry of Home Affairs, and I am grateful to the Minister of Home Affairs, has ensured that those who are adjudged criminals in cases of child sexual assaults are brought together in one component in which such criminals are tracked. In my estimation, there are seven lakh such people who have been accused of sexual assault and other crimes who are in the Home Ministry’s records.”

“When I spoke about the need for women to have an equal right to marriage at age 21, women of all communities and all religions supported me,” Smriti Irani said after the introduction of the Bill to raise the legal marriage age for women in India. Men making that noise in that House were the only naysayers. My particular satisfaction is that my party was able to speak in one voice about the importance of that right for women, irrespective of their religion.

She said that critics were misinformed about the Bill’s proposal to criminalize a large section of marriages in the country.

This rumors is being spread by those who seek to disenfranchise women from the right to equality… This falsehood is being spread by those who seek to disenfranchise women. A woman has the same rights as a man to enter into matrimony. Why is this criminal?

 It’s a false news that marriages will be criminalized… Currently, about 7 percent of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 are already pregnant according to the NFHS (National Family Health Survey). According to the survey, nearly 23 percent of women under the age of 18 were married. “I am deeply saddened by the fact that men and women haven’t been married at the same age for 75 years in our country,” she said.

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