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Saudi Arabia: The people of Saudi Arabia called Rana Ayyub a ‘supporter of terror’

Saudi Arabia:

Rana Ayyub, like every time, tweeted to spread his agenda this time in which he called Saudi a ‘blood thirsty’. The tweet was followed by a flood of reactions from the netizens. Meanwhile, many messages came to Rana Ayyub from Saudi and while taking a jibe at Rana, he was even called a ‘rubbish’ girl who supported the terrorists. The amazing thing is that seeing the anger of the people, Job has closed the comment section, but people are calling him a liar by retweeting this tweet.

Let us tell you that hurt by the airstrike by Saudi Arabia and their coalition forces on the Houthi rebels of Yemen, Rana wrote in his tweet, “There is no one to stop the bloodthirsty Saudi. These are the people who call themselves the keeper of Islam. As a Muslim, I feel ashamed that these scoundrels are the keepers of the holy mosque. The world can’t keep silent on this massacre #YemenUnderAttack”

On this tweet, a blue tick Twitter user named Gassan called Rana’s tweet ‘false news’ and made fun of spreading such lies in the name of Muslim brotherhood. He also informed that Saudi Arabia, as a coalition of more than 10 countries, has taken this action in response to a direct request from the legitimate government of Yemen. The user told that he is supporting the legitimate thing but Ayyub is supporting the terrorists.

Not only this, the appreciation of Rana’s tweet being boycotted by Indians is also being seen in Saudi.

Significantly, on January 17, 2022, Yemen’s Houthi Rebels carried out a drone attack on Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. In this, 3 people including 2 Indians died. Since then, the action of the army of Saudi Arabia and their coalition has been going on. A few days ago, the commander of the Yemen Houthi Rebels, Abdullah Qasim al-Junaid, was killed in Saudi action. Along with the commander, several senior rank officers of the Houthi rebels were also killed. Apart from this, 70 people are reported to have died in Yemen in the recent airstrike and it is being said that this airstrike was such that the internet of the whole country has come to a standstill.

The people of Saudi Arabia reacted strongly to the tweet of Rana Ayyub, saying that the likes of Rana Ayyub are the biggest criminals. Under the smokescreen of a “humanitarian voice”, they consistently support Houthis, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood-aligned groups. Ms Rana forgot that the Houthis killed 2 innocent Indians (her countrymen) in Abu Dhabi last week. be ashamed of!

A user named @imamofpeace wrote in his response, “I apologize for calling all snakes ‘Rana’ – it was not my intention to hurt any snake. A snake has loyalty to the house it lives in. It will defend its home and not try to destroy it (like some people). my sincere apologies. Thanks.

Quoting which Raveena Tandon wrote, Yes, please I agree, don’t let snakes down, they are a beautiful species and only use their defense mechanisms to defend themselves when threatened. Why are poor animals dragged into mud-slinging matches? Humans are terrible.

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