World NewsRussia-Ukraine War: Why India's stand is neutral in Ukraine and Russia war.

Russia-Ukraine War: Why India’s stand is neutral in Ukraine and Russia war.

Russia-Ukraine War: Why India’s stand is neutral in Ukraine and Russia war.

First of all, know what the USSR is.

The full form of the USSR is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The shortcut to this is the Soviet Union. It begins at the time of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Nicholas II was the king of Russia in 1917; During his time the Russian Revolution started which is also known as the Volcanic Revolution.

During this revolution, Russia formed a federation named the Soviet Union which was established in 1922. In which 15 small countries were involved. One of these countries was Ukraine, which was one of the 15 countries that separated from the Soviet Union in 1991. The USSR didn’t last long; it broke into 15 different countries. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latinia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, and Russia were separated.

NATO biggest reason

Although there are many reasons for the dispute between Russia and Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is considered to be the primary one. NATO was founded in 1949. There were initially 12 member countries, but now there are 30. Ukraine also wants to join NATO, but Russia opposes it. The dispute between the two countries has continued for the last seven decades because of this.

Russia Ukraine War
Russia Ukraine War

Why does Russia have trouble with NATO?

NATO’s policy is that if one of its members attacks another, all of its members will respond together. If Ukraine joins NATO, Russia believes its troops will camp along the Russia-Ukraine border. The grandfather policy of Russia over Ukraine will not work in such a situation. Russia wants NATO to assure it that Ukraine will never be involved. NATO has more than 3 million soldiers, while Russia has 1.2 million. As a result, Russia does not want Ukraine to become a member at any cost.

Crimea’s annexation in 2014 was crucial to the dispute between Ukraine and Russia. In the same year, there was a power change in Ukraine. It was the first time since Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 that an anti-Russian government was formed. In response to the opposition voice raised there, in 2014 Russia attacked Ukraine and annexed Crimea. The situation deteriorated from there.

Apart from this, there is another reason for which click below to know about it.

Click here to know the full story: Russia and Ukraine Conflict

America put pressure on India that you support us in UNO. Because India is a temporary member of UNO for 2 years. India considered it appropriate to be absent on the day of voting; Along with India, China and UAE also did not vote in favor of anyone. Also, India did not vote in favor of anyone in the quad group. Looking at India’s stand so far, we can say that even in the G20 summit, India will not see anyone going in favor.

If India supports Ukraine at the behest of America, then Russia will come in support of China in Galvan Matter. To stop China, India’s support of both Russia and America is needed. At the same time the friendship of India and Russia is also old; During the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, Russia stopped its 40th Fleet to save India from America’s 7th Fleet.

India will never forget these things.

  • In 1965, when there was a famine in India, America sent wheat used to feed the pigs to India.
  • Russia supported India at the time of the Article 370 issue.
  • About 80% of the security weapons in India come from Russia.
  • India did its first nuclear test in 1998, at that time the whole world was standing against India, but even then Russia supported India.
  • In 1991, when India needed a Troynik engine in space, at that time Russia was giving its 8 Troynik engines to India, then the US banned it, due to which India’s space program was delayed by almost 20 years.

Inflation may increase in India due to Russia and Ukraine war

There will be an impact of inflation on India, the price of petrol and diesel in India can go from around Rs 110/liter to Rs 130/liter. LPG rates may also increase significantly. Refined oil made in India, which is made from sunflower, 80% of that sunflower was imported from Ukraine, which will be completely closed for some time due to which people can consume more mustard oil due to acute shortage of refined oil. Due to this, the rate of mustard oil is sure to go from about Rs 200/liter to Rs 250/liter.

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