World NewsRussia-Ukraine War: Now action on the helpers

Russia-Ukraine War: Now action on the helpers

Russia-Ukraine War: British planes banned in Russia, entry restricted in airspace, Johnson called Zelensky.

Boris Johnson called Ukrainian President Vladimir Jalensky this morning to offer his help. Britain had imposed a number of sanctions on Russia earlier. Russia responded in kind.

Russia has also taken action against the countries that support Ukraine. The country banned British Airlines from landing there on Friday. They have also been barred from using Russian airspace. Russia’s civil aviation regulator announced this on Friday.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Ukrainian President Vladimir Jalensky this morning and promised to help. Earlier, Britain imposed many sanctions against Russia. In response, Russia has taken this step. The sanctions will make it more difficult for British airlines to operate. Russian sanctions prevent British Airlines aircraft from landing at any Russian airport or using Russian airspace. In declaring war on Ukraine, Putin warned that no country should interfere, or else it would be a harsh lesson in history.

Many countries including Britain and America imposed restrictions on the form after President Putin declared two Ukrainian cities independent. Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, announced that he would ban Aeroflot from operating in the country, following the Russian attack on Ukraine on Thursday.

Britain’s House of Commons has introduced the biggest and most severe package of economic sanctions measures by freezing the full assets of Russian-owned bank VTB and cutting off Russian banks from the country’s financial system. Additional powers were also granted. Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, has announced he will impose sanctions on five Russian banks. “These trade sanctions will impede Russia’s military, industrial, and technological capabilities for years to come,” Johnson said.

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