World NewsRussia Ukraine War Live: Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in nuclear plant attack,...

Russia Ukraine War Live: Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in nuclear plant attack, Putin warns neighboring countries.

Russia Ukraine War Live: Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in nuclear plant attack, Putin warns neighboring countries.

War in Ukraine Live: 

Russia and Ukraine are at war for the ninth day. The Russian army has surrounded Ukraine on all sides. Russian forces have claimed control of many cities in Ukraine. Additionally, the Russian army has also taken control of the nuclear plant in Zaporizhia by attacking it. Zaporizhia is the largest nuclear plant in Europe. The plant provides 25 to 30 percent of Ukraine’s nuclear power.

Putin warns neighboring countries

Vladimir Putin has urged his neighbors not to aggravate the situation by imposing further sanctions on Russia. The Russian leader said Russia has no ill intentions towards its neighbors. They should not escalate the situation or impose any restrictions. We will continue to fulfill all our obligations.

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According to Ukraine’s minister, Russia is destroying cultural sites

Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture has requested that the skies over the country be closed. They claim that Russian forces are destroying cultural sites. Oleksandr Kachenko, Ukraine’s Minister of Culture and Information Policy, said the vast majority of Putin’s war crimes were committed in the air. The minister said, in a statement, that a mad dictator is threatening to destroy St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev. The cathedral was built in the 11th century.

India stayed away from voting in Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) approved the creation of an independent commission to investigate the Russia-Ukraine crisis. India abstained from the vote. The commission will investigate alleged human rights violations by Russia in Ukraine.

Today 300 Indians are on the Seret border in Romania

A Red Cross volunteer on the Seret border in Romania said that citizens from many countries, including India, were here, and that tents were being constructed especially for them. Last night, there were around 815 Indians here, but today there are only 300. Ukrainian refugees and Indian citizens are receiving food, clothing, and medical supplies here.

Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in nuclear plant attack

Three Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and two have been injured in Russia’s attack on the nuclear plant, according to Ukraine’s state-run nuclear company.

The growing number of Ukrainian refugees in the UK

Immigration Minister Kevin Foster will not appear before a parliamentary committee to explain the UK’s response to the escalating Ukrainian refugee crisis. He has been asked to reconsider considering the urgency of the situation by the Home Affairs Committee. In the wake of the Russian attack, the committee asked them to appear before it to learn what the UK was doing to assist Ukrainian refugees. A million people are estimated to have been displaced in Ukraine due to the conflict.

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