World NewsRussia Ukraine News Live: Big alert for Indians in Kyiv

Russia Ukraine News Live: Big alert for Indians in Kyiv

Russia Ukraine News Live: Big alert for Indians in Kyiv, in any case instructions to leave the capital of Ukraine today

Indian citizens to leave Kyiv immediately – Embassy

There has been a big alert for Indian citizens living in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. An advisory has been issued by the Indian Embassy. All Indians should leave Kiev at all costs today, according to reports. To leave Kyiv, they take a train, bus, or whatever.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has once again issued an advisory amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis. All Indian students should leave Kyiv immediately, according to this advisory. You can leave by train, bus or any other means. The Russian army is reportedly capable of conducting an attack on Kyiv within 24 hours, so Indian citizens and students are being asked to leave the city as a precaution.

The Russian army will attack the northern part of Kyiv and Kharkiv

Russia Ukraine News
Russia Ukraine News

The Russians increased their use of artillery around Kharkiv and Chernihiv, north of Kyiv. The risks of civilian casualties are greatly increased when heavy artillery is used in densely populated urban areas. Those are the words of the British Defense Ministry.

Indian Air Force to bring back Indians trapped in Ukraine

Air Force will also airlift Indian citizens

Now, the Air Force will help Operation Ganga, which is bringing back Indians trapped in Ukraine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also asked the Indian Air Force to join this operation, according to sources. Under Operation Ganga, the Air Force can now fly many C-17 aircraft.

In terms of the current Russian-Ukrainian situation, tensions between the two countries have reached new heights. Meanwhile, the risk to citizens of other countries has increased as well. The Indian Air Force has also beefed up its capabilities in light of this threat. As per the latest information, many C-17 aircraft of the Air Force will be used for airlifting Indian citizens. According to sources, Prime Minister Modi himself asked the Indian Air Force to join this operation to further intensify the evacuation of Indian citizens. With the addition of Air Force planes, the process of Indians returning home will accelerate, and their numbers will also increase. Likewise, relief material being sent from India will reach faster. Many C-17 aircraft of the Indian Air Force will be able to fly under Operation Ganga from today.

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PM Modi meets President

The Prime Minister of India met with President Ram Nath Kovind amid the Ukraine crisis. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the President of all the issues related to the Ukrainian crisis, according to sources.

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