World NewsRussia and Ukraine Conflict Explained: Gas-oil supplies and the pipeline that have...

Russia and Ukraine Conflict Explained: Gas-oil supplies and the pipeline that have caught the eyes of Europe and Russia

Russia and Ukraine Conflict Explained: Gas-oil supplies and the pipeline that have caught the eyes of Europe and Russia

Nord Stream Pipeline Project

The United States, as well as a number of countries in Europe, have deployed troops along the Russian border in response to the threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine. In addition, NATO countries are mobilizing armies and troops to stop Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

Russia and Ukraine have been at odds for the past two months. Approximately one lakh thirty thousand soldiers of the Russian army are constantly engaged in maneuvers along the Ukrainian border. Twenty thousand Ukrainian soldiers have also been deployed on the front from the border cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. US officials have even claimed that Russia can attack Ukraine by 16 February. In the meantime, however, US President Joe Biden has threatened to shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if Ukraine is attacked. Since Biden’s announcement, there has been discussion about how America can stop the pipeline going from Russia to Germany in Europe? After all, how can a threat about Nord Stream 2 prevent Russia from moving forward?

What is America’s threat to Nord Stream 2?

The threat of an attack on Ukraine has prompted America and many other European countries to deploy troops on the Russian border. Moreover, NATO countries are mobilizing arms and troops in Eastern Europe to stop Russia. Despite these steps, many people believe they are not enough to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine. In such a situation, the US President has made a statement about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline connecting Russia and Germany. Biden said Ukraine’s gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 would be blocked if attacked. Blocking this pipeline between Russia and Germany will not only harm Russia, but will also increase the difficulties for Germany. The pipeline has been constructed, but not yet commissioned.

What is the Nord Stream Pipeline Project?

1. The Nord Stream pipeline has a length of 1200 km. The pipeline runs through the Baltic Sea from western Russia to north-east Germany. This pipeline project will double Germany’s supply of natural gas from Russia.

2. This pipeline, built at a cost of Rs 83 thousand crore, is scheduled for completion in September 2021. However, some important approvals have yet to be received, which is why the pipeline has not yet been inaugurated.

3. The pipeline will supply 55 billion cubic meters of gas to Germany every year, ensuring uninterrupted gas and petrol supplies to 26 million homes in Germany, even in the winter. The pipeline is owned by the Russian state company Gazprom. Russia currently sends gas to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. It is capable of supplying 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The new pipeline will double this amount.

Nord Stream Pipeline Project
Nord Stream Pipeline Project

How important is this project to Russia?

1. Russia supplying gas to Germany through this pipeline would be seen as a significant diplomatic move by Putin. More than 40 percent of Europe’s total energy needs (oil and gas) are supplied by Russia. A pipeline like this will make Germany, the richest country in Europe, completely reliant on itself. In spite of this, Germany will have to deal with Russia due to sanctions.

2. The US, Ukraine, and Poland oppose Russia’s pipeline project. Most of Russia’s natural gas is supplied through Ukraine. Neither Nord Stream 1 nor Nord Stream 2 pass through Ukraine. As a result, Russia would not need to give Ukraine any money. It not only costs Ukraine $2 billion in transit fees, but it also has no plans to rein in Russia.

What will America do to stop the Russian-German pipeline?

The US may impose economic sanctions to stop the work on the Nord Stream pipeline. The Biden administration merely needs to ban companies and individuals from doing business with pipeline companies. The US sanctions could freeze accounts and transaction rights for pipeline companies and individuals. If this happens, it will be difficult for the pipeline to proceed.

What will be the consequences for Russia?

Russia’s earnings are likely to suffer if this project is banned. Oil and gas will have to be supplied by sea or road, which will cost him a lot of money. It will also benefit Ukraine in a big way.

What is the likely damage to Europe?

Putting an end to the Nord Stream project threatens to deepen the gas crisis in Germany, as well as in other European countries, as in anger, Russia wants to bring European countries to their knees by cutting off the rest of their oil and gas supplies. It’s possible. Currently, most of Europe’s countries import natural gas and oil from Russia.

What can America do to encircle Russia?

Britain and Sweden are less dependent on Russia for natural gas supplies, whereas countries that were once part of the Soviet Union and countries in Eastern Europe are completely reliant on Russia. Russia’s dependence on him strengthens Vladimir Putin.

The Russian move to cut off gas-oil supplies to Europe after the Nord Stream 2 ban may prove dangerous, however. The US has recently approached Qatar, which has great gas and oil resources in the Arab world, in an effort to avoid this. The US can recover Russia’s interrupted supplies and prevent it from attacking Ukraine with the help of Qatar.

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