World NewsPutin's declaration of war: Ukraine's army asked to lay down arms.

Putin’s declaration of war: Ukraine’s army asked to lay down arms.

Putin’s declaration of war: Ukraine’s army asked to lay down arms, now look at the decision of Security Council and America

Putin announces military operation in Ukraine: If Ukraine does not comply with Putin’s order, there is believed to be a great war in Europe if Ukraine does not agree. In contrast, the United Nations Security Council is reviewing this situation.

Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine on Thursday. In announcing military action, he has requested that the Ukrainian army lay down its arms and return home. Additionally, Putin said that if any other country gets in the middle, then action would be taken against them as well. The sounds of explosions have been heard in some areas of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev. It has also been reported that an attempt has been made to capture Kiev airport. Joe Biden said that Russia will be responsible for the war, following the announcement from Russia.

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Putin’s warning: no one should interfere, otherwise the worst outcome in history will result

Putin indirectly threatened NATO and Western countries, saying that no one should interfere between us and threaten our country and people. Russia will respond immediately to such an intervention and will have to deal with unprecedented consequences. Putin said he had made all the decisions, regardless of the outcome.

In contrast, President Biden has said that Russia will be responsible for the war and the deaths. The White House is keeping an eye on the situation. He will speak tomorrow with G-7 leaders. Putin has also warned America not to interfere. He said it was a time of life and death for Russia. “We have crossed the red line,” he said.

Following Putin’s announcement, there have been reports of major explosions in the rebel-held areas of Ukraine and the capital Kiev. The Russian network RT reported that blasts had been heard throughout Ukraine. Military operations continue in the Donbass region.

Nevertheless, the UN Security Council is considering this situation. It remains to be seen what steps Ukraine and its western allies take on Putin’s orders. As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has feared in his message to the Russian people, if the US-led NATO army doesn’t agree to this and dives into the fray, a major war on European soil could start.

The world should stop Putin: Ukraine’s foreign minister pleaded

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s foreign minister said that his country will defend itself and win. The Russian army has just invaded Ukraine in full force. Peaceful cities in Ukraine are under attack. This is an aggressive war. Vladimir Putin should be stopped. Now is the time to act.


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