World NewsPolitical crisis in Pakistan: PM Imran's tension increased

Political crisis in Pakistan: PM Imran’s tension increased

Political crisis in Pakistan: PM Imran’s tension increased, as he met the army chief during a no-confidence vote.

In addition to discussing recent political instability in Pakistan, the meeting also discussed the upcoming Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) summit in Pakistan.

Imran Khan met with Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa on Friday amid an ongoing no-confidence motion against his government. This meeting was intended to discuss the recent political instability in Pakistan and the upcoming summit of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). In addition to this, the protests in Balochistan were also discussed during this time.

Restoring political stability through discussion

In contrast, most of the leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are waiting for the outcome of this meeting. In light of the ongoing political developments in the country, the outcome of this meeting is considered important. As a result of the meeting, Pakistan’s political instability will once again be brought to a halt. Pakistan’s army is believed to play an important role in bringing political stability. There is no way for a government to function without the cooperation of the armed forces.

The army chief also expressed displeasure

The army chief is reportedly angry at Imran Khan’s derogatory remarks on March 11. Imran Khan actually rejected the army chief’s advice not to make derogatory remarks against opposition leaders. Imran Khan clarified that it was only General Bajwa who asked me not to call Fazal ‘Diesel’. I am not saying that. He has been called Diesel. The JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman was the subject of Imran Khan’s remarks.

Voting on the no-confidence motion on March 27

The National Assembly of Pakistan has 342 members. The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan will fall if he fails to gain the support of 172 members during the no-confidence vote on March 27. A strong possibility exists that this will happen.

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