World NewsNuclear attack on Ukraine may happen

Nuclear attack on Ukraine may happen

A nuclear attack on Ukraine may happen: ‘Nuclear war drill’ ordered by Putin, sending the family to Siberia.

The media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is moving towards nuclear war. After 25 days of the war, Putin, angry over Ukraine’s refusal to lay down arms, has begun preparing for nuclear war.

UK media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing signs of a move towards nuclear war. The claim was made because Putin ordered his army to practice nuclear war drills. In addition, he has sent his family to Siberia for safety. The news of the nuclear evacuation drill has shocked officials at the Kremlin (Russian Presidential Office).

Putin’s decision could have dire consequences for the government, officials say. Even after 25 days of the war, some analysts say Ukraine has not laid down its arms, which has angered Putin, who has accepted it as a challenge. He believes a small country is challenging him. It is claimed that senior Kremlin political figures have been informed by Putin himself that he will participate in evacuation exercises in case of nuclear war.

Putin’s family sent to Siberia for protection

Since the Russo-Ukraine War began, reports claim that Putin has taken unidentified members of his immediate family to a high-tech underground in Siberia’s Teh Altai Mountains. Transferred to the bunker, which is a subterranean city.

Putin’s Dangerous Plan

Putin has a dangerous plan in mind, and it’s not a secret. In the event of nuclear conflict, Putin and his closest allies will use doomsday planes. There was also a plan for a sky bunker for Doomsday, but it is not believed to be ready yet.

Putin trapped in a closed world of his own: Intelligence agencies

Western intelligence agencies are analyzing Putin’s mind through recent appearances, finding that he is ‘stuck in a closed world of his own, where he is the sole decision-maker and his viewpoint is completely different from other Western analysts.


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