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New feature of WhatsApp: Now group admins will be able to delete messages of all members

New feature of WhatsApp:

There has been a beta release of the new feature of whatsapp. It is called Moderation. It is already available on Telegram.

WhatsApp is now working on a feature that would allow the administrator of a WhatsApp group to delete the messages sent by all of the members of that group. It has been shown in beta form. The new feature will be called Moderation on WhatsApp. It is already available on Telegram. WhatsApp has not yet provided any details about this new feature. This new feature is currently being tested on beta versions of Android and iOS.

WhatsApp’s feature tracking site WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot of the new feature, which gives information about it. As can be seen in the screenshot, “This was deleted by an admin, WABetaInfo” appears after deleting a message. Telegram also has this feature, but when a message is deleted, these kinds of messages cannot be viewed.

WhatsApp groups will benefit greatly from this new feature. False news will be brought to an end thanks to this new feature. The Bombay and Madras High Courts have previously expressed concern that WhatsApp group administrators do not have the right to delete a member’s message.

Currently, the group admin does not have the option of deleting the message of the other member for everyone. Members can delete their messages for everyone, though it takes an hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds to do so.

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