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Limits of cruelty crossed in Rajasthan: Now a 25-year-old woman was gang-raped, tied with a rope

Limits of cruelty crossed in Rajasthan:  Now a 25-year-old woman was gang-raped, tied with a rope, and thrown on the second floor, hanging from an electric pole.

A 25-year-old woman from Assam was gang-raped and thrown out of a second-floor window in Churu, Rajasthan. Her life was saved, but she is terrified.

In Churu, Rajasthan, a 25-year-old girl from Assam was gang-raped and thrown from the second floor. Thankfully, she was saved after hanging herself from an electric pole. This incident took place just a few steps from the Dharmastupa police post of Churu district headquarters, according to information. The Mahaila Thana Police has registered a case in this regard against Vikram Singh, Bhavani Singh, Devendra Singh, residents of Indrapura of Churu, and Bulla alias Sunil of Chainpura under serious sections of the IPC.

Understand what is going on in detail

The victim claims that four people became drunk and then harassed her. When everyone agreed that the girl should not open her mouth, she tied her with a rope and threw her out of the second-floor window. The rope got entangled in the electric pole and got stuck. Nobody heard her scream for help.

Hanging in an electric pole for about two hours

The victim hung from an electric pole for almost two hours and screamed for help after being thrown from above. After receiving information, the police arrived on the scene and brought the girl down. Dedraj Bhartia Hospital has admitted her. The hospital is treating her.

A girl from Delhi was called to Churu on the pretext of work

Deputy Superintendent of Police Mamta Saraswat said the victim is from Assam. She lives in Delhi and runs the household by doing petty work. According to the victim, Sunil alias Raju, a resident of Churu, had assured her that she would get more money for her work if she went to Churu. A young man picked her up at the bus stand when she reached Churu under Sunil’s bluff. After this, the driver took the girl to her room and told her that she would get the work done tomorrow. Further, Vikram Rajput, Bhavani, Devendra Singh alias Bulla, and Sunil first started drinking alcohol in the room, then the accused Devendra Singh threatened that he would not be called for work, but for something else. Then they all started raping one by one.


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