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Khan Sir FIR: He has been underground, and his mobile is also switched off

Khan sir: Breaking News

Khan sir, Patna’s famous teacher, has gone underground as soon as the RRB NTPC case was registered. He has switched off his phone. The police will now send him a notice and are prepared to demand answers on the whole matter when he appears. On Tuesday night, an FIR was registered against Khan sir following the ruckus of the students. A case has been filed against many coaching operators, including Khan sir, accusing them of instigating the students.

A notice regarding cooperation in the investigation will be sent to Khan sir and the coaching operators whose names are listed in the FIR, says Patrakarnagar SHO Manoranjan Bharti. Even after this, if they still don’t come forward, action will be taken. According to sources, evidence is being collected against the accused of creating a ruckus and conspiring.

Also, the police have begun investigating all of his videos. Khan sir’s mobile is constantly switched off after the case is registered. They are nowhere to be found. Khan sir has turned off his mobile phone since the case was filed, according to sources.

Police is alert in different areas

Police are even now on high alert in places like Bhikhna Pahari, Musallahpur Haat, Rajendranagar, and Bazar Samiti. Protesters are being monitored. Additional police have been deployed at all these locations. Patna Police is also in contact with GRP. If there is any uproar in the railway sector, the district police will take action as well. Police are keeping an eye on places like Rajendranagar Terminal and Patna Junction.

Monitoring of YouTube and Social Sites

The Patna Police are monitoring YouTube and social media. We will take immediate action against those who instigate students or make provocative speeches. Police are also keeping an eye on different Watts groups.

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