ElectionKejriwal-Kumar Vishwas controversy

Kejriwal-Kumar Vishwas controversy

Kejriwal-Kumar Vishwas controversy: Election Commission of Punjab also in controversies, took U-turn after banning on video of Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas told news agency ANI on Wednesday that Kejriwal told him I would be Punjab’s chief minister.

Punjab politics have come to a boil after Kumar Vishwas, one of the founding leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party, made allegations against Delhi CM and party convener Arvind Kejriwal. The Punjab Election Commission has also been engulfed in this matter. On Wednesday, the Election Commission banned the circulation of Kumar Vishwas’s explosive remarks about Arvind Kejriwal. Due to controversy, this order was canceled on Thursday.

PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi had targeted Kejriwal earlier on Thursday. Late night, Punjab CM Channi tweeted PM Modi asking him to watch the video of Kumar Vishwas. Raghav Chadha of AAP questioned and said that if he had any such information, then why has he remained silent from 2017 until now. How did he remember these things a day before the election?

PM Modi said – ready to join hands with separatists for power

PM Narendra Modi targeted Kejriwal without naming him in Abohar. The person who worshipped Maa Saraswati revealed that he once was a companion of his. Only when the pain was too great was it revealed. These people don’t know what my Punjab is because they are drunk in chaos and alienation. How many villages has my Punjab lost? Their intentions are far more dangerous than ours. Being an old friend and a poet and thinker, the younger generation across the country wait for him to give his Kavi Sammelans. Such allegations are extremely dangerous. They are dreaming of breaking Punjab. For power, they are willing to join hands with separatists. People are prepared to break the country to get power if that’s what it takes.

Video of Kumar Vishwas should be probed: Channi

Punjab CM Channi tweeted last night that he requests that the Honorable Narendra Modi order a fair investigation into the video case involving Dr. Kumar Vishwas. This should not be a political issue. The people of Punjab have paid a heavy price for fighting separatism. The prime minister needs to address the concerns of all Punjabis.

What allegations were made by Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas gave a statement to ANI on Wednesday, in which he disclosed that Kejriwal had told him I would become Punjab’s chief minister. I mentioned separatism, and he said what happened. I will become the PM of an independent country if the CM of Punjab is not made.

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