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Jio is planning to move to 6G, and company made a big deal

Jio 6G in India: Reliance Jio is moving towards 6G. The University of Oulu and Jio have announced a partnership to develop 6G. Together, we will explore the possibilities of 6G in the coming days. With 5G, internet speeds will be high, low latency, and data and network capabilities will be improved. 

5G will boost machine-type communications and virtual work in the country. Furthermore, 6G will support tera-hertz frequencies, call-free MIMO, and intelligence surfaces. Again, according to the report, 5G and 6G are expected to work together. As a result, customers will have access to the Internet on a large scale.

6G will play an essential role in these matters

  • Communication by air and space
  • Creating holographic beams
  • Cybersecurity 3D Connected Intelligence
  • Electronics micro
  • Photonic

The 6G network will benefit these sectors a great deal

Significant changes will be seen in several sectors following the advent of 6G, including defense, automotive, white goods, industrial, consumer goods, manufacturing, intelligent device environments, computing, and autonomous traffic.

Jio has more than 400 million subscribers in India.

In India, Jio has more than 400 million subscribers. As part of Jio Labs’ development program for Jio Platforms’ 5G RAN and Core Platforms, Jio Platforms is already developing 5G RAN and Core Platforms. As part of the collaboration, Jio will be able to explore new use cases for 5G in the 6G era and conduct cutting-edge research and development on the technology.

The 5G network of Reliance Jio is also very advanced. The Jio team is working closely on Made in India 5G. Jio will launch 5G shortly. The company is just waiting for approval from the government. With this, the company has started work on the development of 6G.

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