ElectionHow to Vote #India: How to vote, if there is any problem...

How to Vote #India: How to vote, if there is any problem then get information from here

How to Vote #India, Up Vidhan Sabha Elections 2022:

On the website of the Election Commission, electoralsearch.in, one can check the name in the voter list. Voters can also call the 1950 helpline number to check their names.

The dates for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election:

The dates for 2022 have been released. The Election Commission held a press conference to announce the election dates. In Uttar Pradesh, Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra informed that elections will be held in seven phases. UP will hold voting under these phases on February 10, February 14, February 20, February 23, February 27, March 3 and March 7. Election results will be announced on March 10. The caravan will start from west Uttar Pradesh and gradually move east, ending in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Like last time, the UP elections will start from West UP this time. The last phase will be held in Purvanchal. There will be 58 assembly seats available for voting in the first phase and 64 in the last phase.

Voting instructions:

  • Your name will first be checked in the voter list, followed by your ID proof if your name appears there.
  • Your finger will be marked, you’ll be given a slip of paper, and your signature will be taken on a register.
  • After you submit the ballot slip to the third polling officer and show your inked finger, you will need to walk to the polling station.
  • On the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), you must press the button next to the symbol of the candidate you want to vote for. A beep will sound.
  • The slip appears in the transparent window of the VVPAT machine. A slip containing the Serial Number, Name, and Symbol of the candidate will be visible for 7 seconds before falling into the sealed VVPAT box.
  • You can press the NOTA button if you don’t like any of the candidates. The NOTA button is the last button on the EVM.
  • The Voter’s Guide can be found at https://ecisveep.nic.in/.
    Inside the polling booth, mobile phones, cameras, or any other gadgets are not allowed.

How to check a voter’s name

The name of a voter can be checked on the Election Commission’s website, electoralsearch.in. Voters may also call the helpline number 1950. Voters need to enter their STD code before dialing this number. Voters can also check their names via SMS. To do so, you need to send a message from your phone. Simply type ECI in this message. Then, you need to type the Voter ID card number by giving space. Send this message to 1950.

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