ElectionHow can voter IDs be linked to Aadhaar cards?

How can voter IDs be linked to Aadhaar cards?

How can voter IDs be linked to Aadhaar cards? The following steps will help you get started

Electoral Commission officials have said that linking Aadhar cards with voter IDs will allow them to detect people who register in more than one constituency. In spite of this, the election panel has not made linking Aadhar with voter ID mandatory.

Aadhaar has been linked to voter identity cards by the Election Commission in several states. A poll panel has stated that the exercise is aimed at establishing voter identities and authenticating electoral rolls.

Aadhaar ecosystem data is being linked with electoral roll data months after the Parliament passed the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021.

voter IDs be linked to Aadhaar cards Image credit India Tv News
voter IDs be linked to Aadhaar cards. /Image credit: India Tv News

Using Aadhaar as a voter ID will assist in detecting voter registration in more than one constituency or more than once in the same constituency, according to the Election Commission. Live Hindustan, a sister publication of Hindustan Times, reports that the poll panel has not made linking Aadhaar with voter ID mandatory.

Here are the steps you need to take to link your voter ID with your Aadhaar card.

STEP 1: Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the ‘Voter Helpline App’.

Step 2: Open the app, select ‘I Agree’ and tap Next.

STEP 3: Click on ‘Voter Registration’.

STEP 4: Select the Electoral Authentication Form (Form 6B).

STEP 5: Click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button.

STEP 6: Enter the registered mobile number with Aadhaar and click on ‘Send OTP’.

STEP 7: Click on ‘Next’ after selecting the ‘Yes I have voter ID’ option.

STEP 8: Select the state and click ‘Fetch Details’ after entering your voter ID (EPIC) number.

STEP 9: Click the ‘Proceed’ button.

STEP 10: Submit the Aadhaar number and the registered mobile number, then click on ‘Done’.

STEP 11: Once the process has been completed, you will see a preview of Form 6B. To submit, check your details again and select ‘Confirm’.

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