ElectionGoa Assembly Elections: Sanjay Raut's big attack, said- Congress cannot win even...

Goa Assembly Elections: Sanjay Raut’s big attack, said- Congress cannot win even 10 seats alone

Goa Assembly Elections 2022 :Sanjay Raut, the leader of the Shiv Sena, has targeted Congress.

Sanjay Raut took aim at Congress for not forming a political alliance with Shiv Sena and NCP in Goa. Mr. Raut said Congress cannot win 10 seats on its own in the state.
Shiv Sena and Congress are running Maharashtra’s government together, but in Goa, both parties have different paths. Shiv Sena is upset that Congress did not give Shiv Sena a quote for the Goa Assembly elections. Sanjay Raut, the leader of the Shiv Sena, has made a big attack on Congress. Sanjay Raut said Congress will not be able to advance beyond single digits if it contests alone.

In an interview with reporters, Raut commented, “Congress currently has three MLAs in Goa. We (Shiv Sena and NCP) stood by Congress in tough times, but I am unsure what Congress is thinking. If Congress fights the elections alone, it won’t be able to cross 10-plus seats.”

Raut met with Dinesh Gundu Rao, Digambar Kamat, Girish Chodankar and other members of the Congress for an alliance. Raut said he had offered to run for 30 of the 40 seats, leaving the other seats for allies in discussions with congressional leaders.

Rahul Gandhi supported an alliance :

According to Raut, there are ten assembly seats where the Congress hasn’t won any elections in the past 50 years. This seat can be allocated to Shiv Sena, NCP, and Goa Forward Party. Rahut said Rahul Gandhi was in favor of the idea of an alliance, but the local Congress leadership was opposed.

Uttar Pradesh:

A meeting between Sanjay Raut and Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait takes place at the Muzaffarnagar residence of Rakesh Tikait.

Rakesh Tikait met Sanjay Raut :

Sanjay Raut, however, met Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union. He met Rakesh Tikait at his residence in Muzaffarnagar on Thursday.

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