Trending NewsFresh protest on the Chandigarh University campus over 'objective videos'

Fresh protest on the Chandigarh University campus over ‘objective videos’

Chandigarh University protest over ‘objectionable videos’; police say girl leaked only her own footage

Police have registered an FIR in the matter and the accused girl has been arrested.

Chandigarh University girls are being hounded for allegedly objectionable ‘leaked videos’, but according to the police, a woman student apprehended shared her own video with someone claiming to be from Himachal Pradesh, whose role is also under investigation. According to the police, a female student was apprehended after sharing her own video.

Police in Shimla detained the youth who was allegedly named by the girl student.

Police personnel deployed outside Chandigarh University, in Mohali, Monday, September 19, 2022. PTI
Police personnel deployed outside Chandigarh University, in Mohali, Source. PTI

On Sunday evening, a large number of students protested on the university campus, including males, accusing university authorities of “suppressing” the protest.

Despite the presence of police, most protesters wore black clothes and raised slogans like “we want justice.”

Senior Superintendent of Police Vivek Sheel Soni told reporters earlier that no woman student has attempted suicide in Mohali.

A death was not reported in connection with the incident, he said.

Students of Chandigarh University protest on the campus after private videos of several girl students were posted on social media, in Mohali, on Saturday night. PTI Photo
Students of Chandigarh University protest on the campus after private videos of several girl students were posted on social media, in Mohali, on Saturday night. PTI Photo

Also, university authorities denied reports that women students were filmed and shared online.

A massive protest broke out earlier on campus after it was alleged that objectionable videos were recorded at a girls’ hostel. As rumours circulated that a hostel resident attempted suicide, the situation spiraled out of control. According to university management, however, no girl attempted suicide and only a few girls died.

Three residents of the girls’ hostel approached the warden and claimed one of the residents made objectionable videos. “It was deliberate to share the warden’s video on social media. 

It was the warden’s duty to cross-check the accusations made by the three hostel residents. According to our investigation, no objectionable video was found. Furthermore, the hostel residents who are seen protesting in the videos were also informed. On campus, there have been no suicide attempts. Rather, some girls fainted as they anticipated social media spreading their objectionable videos. First aid was administered and they were sent back to campus. The university has submitted all details of the incident to the police,” said a senior university official.

In an earlier statement, Mohali SSP Vivek Soni said that no objectionable videos had been found with the accused. A center is being built here, and any student with any evidence or query can visit it. The matter is being thoroughly investigated.”

According to DGP Gaurav Yadav, Chandigarh University had not reported any deaths. ” There are several girls who have been accused of making videos. One girl has been detained. An FIR has been filed. All steps are being taken to prevent the circulation of objectionable videos. Please do not circulate any videos or spread rumors.”

” There was a protest last night, and we informed the students of the details. We are contacting the police to crosscheck everything,” said Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chandigarh University’s Chancellor.

Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer, Punjab’s higher education minister, has assured CU students that justice will be served. No one would be spared as the Mohali DC and SSP conducted a thorough investigation.

According to him, the DC and SSP have been instructed to conduct the investigation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Chandigarh University hostel residents protested and raised slogans against the varsity management for mishandling the situation on Saturday night. Various videos show residents abusing security personnel on campus and demanding justice. Opening the hostel gates and trying to run outside the campus can be seen by the protesters.

In a protest that ended in a protest of lies, the warden and other officials constantly pressured other students to file false complaints against the accused persons. A hostel resident asked why the video was distributed on social media if it had been made intentionally instead of blaming the student.

In order to avoid any untoward incidents on Sunday morning, heavy police forces were deployed outside the campus.

In addition, a forensic team led by Dr Ashwani Kalia has arrived at Chandigarh University to collect evidence from mobile phones.

In light of Chandigarh University Chancellor Sandhu’s proximity to the BJP’s Central leadership, the incident is likely to cause political uproar.

In an official statement issued on Sunday, Dr. R. S. Bawa said, “There are rumors that seven girls have committed suicide, but this cannot be confirmed.”. According to him, no girl has been admitted to hospital as a result of the incident.”

On social media, there is another rumour that 60 objectionable MMSes have been found. This is a complete fabrication and a baseless claim. According to the Pro-Chancellor, no objectionable videos have been found during the preliminary investigation conducted by the university; except for a video shot by a girl and shared with her boyfriend,” the Pro-Chancellor said.

It is totally false and baseless that rumours have been spread about the shooting of objectionable videos of other students. On the request received from the students, Chandigarh University has itself volunteered the further investigation to the Punjab Police Department, which has taken one girl into custody and filed an FIR under the IT Act.”

The mobile phones and other materials have been handed over to the police for further investigation, and Chandigarh University is cooperating fully with the police.”

“As the Provost said, we are fully committed to safeguarding all students, especially those who resemble daughters. (With input from PTI)

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