SportsWhat is DpBOSS? LIVE Updates of Satta Matka Result for December 14

What is DpBOSS? LIVE Updates of Satta Matka Result for December 14

DpBOSS RESULT Results, 14 December, 2022: Get the latest Matka Online, Matka Chart, Market, Panel Chart, Boss Matka, Indian Matka, Kalyan Result, Kalyan Matka, Kalyan Day, Kalyan Night, Matka Result, Satta Matka and more updates, as they happen.

DpBOSS RESULT, 14 DECEMBER, 2022 LIVE UPDATES: DpBOSS Dot Net is one of the most popular websites that publishes Satta Matka results daily, as well as guessing numbers for lucky draws, which sometimes help people win thousands of rupees.
Check lucky numbers for December 12 and December 13 below: Matka Online, Matka Chart, Market, Panel Chart, Fix Matka Jodi, Boss Matka, Indian Matka, Kalyan Result, Kalyan Matka, Matka Result.


There has been a rapid increase in popularity of online games in the last few years. Nowadays, satta games are mostly played online through several websites. The game dates back to the time of Indian Independence. Not only this, but there are many apps that can be downloaded on Google Play to play the game. Those who prefer to play offline games can do so by visiting a nearby store to place bets and check the results.

The Public Gambling Act was passed by the British government in 1867, making gambling illegal in India. However, online Satta Matka is legal in India. Several people participate in them in order to try their luck. Indians are also allowed to play lotteries and horse racing games. In this game, you guess numbers to win prizes, including a million rupees.


You can also find guessing numbers before playing the game on DpBOSS.NET. It provides all satta matka game results online every day. Although the guessing numbers might not be accurate every time, they are displayed on the website based on extensive research, so one can try their luck.

There are a number of matka online games available at DpBOSS.NET, including Single, Jody, Single Patty, Double Patty, Triple Patty, Half Sun Gum and Full Sun Gum Satta Matka Online.
On the site, users can analyze Kalyan Jodi Charts and Kalyan Panel Charts before playing Satta.


The final ank for today is a guess by the site for the benefit of the user. Each day you can check the final ank by visiting

How does DpBOSS Fix Today work?

A DpBOSS Fix is a pair of guessing numbers by DpBOSS so that the user can predict them while playing Satta Matka.


The DpBOSS Fix Jodi or DpBOSS Fix Patti are guessed pairs of numbers that are likely to be selected in DpBOSS Satta Matka. You can find these fix jodi or fix patti at


This is the Kalyan Satta Result, which is published thrice a day on DpBOSS releases the Kalyan Result between 11:00 AM and 1:15 PM and 3:45 PM to 5:45 PM.

  • Kalyan Day Result: 3:45 PM- 5:45 PM
  • Kalyan Night Result: 9:45 PM- 11:45 PM

Using the Kalyan Jodi Chart, users can guess the right number for the Kalyan Game based on the number of pairs every day. Kalyan Jodi Chart should be read in order to win more in Kalyan Jodi. Participants should also be aware of the Kalyan Panel Chart before participating. By doing so, they will be better able to understand the game and make the right decisions.

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