ElectionDiscussion on Yogi's new cabinet: two or three deputy CMs, more than...

Discussion on Yogi’s new cabinet: two or three deputy CMs, more than 24 cabinet ministers!

Discussion on Yogi’s new cabinet: Yogi Adityanath Sarkar-02

The names of about two to three deputy chief ministers, over two dozen cabinet ministers, about 11 to 12 ministers of state with independent charge, and ten ministers of state were discussed in the meeting.

Yogi Adityanath Sarkar-02 will form his cabinet in the state according to the agenda of the BJP’s Mission 2024. He will give priority to young people and women who have experience in politics. Along with this, caste and regional balance will be achieved from West to Purvanchal with the aim of winning more than 50 percent of the votes in the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

During a meeting that lasted for about four and a half hours at the BJP headquarters in Delhi on Wednesday, the names of the Deputy Chief Minister, Cabinet, Minister of State, Independent Charge, and Minister of State were discussed. There were two or three deputy chief ministers and about two dozen to two dozen ministers of state with independent charge and ten ministers of state.

More representation to Jatav society

BJP has made a dent in the Jatav vote bank of the BSP, according to the election results. Two to three ministers from the Jatav community can be included in the government in order to retain Jatav votes. Women have also contributed a great deal to the victory of the party, so their representation in the cabinet will also be adequate. Leadership in the BJP believes that the bigger the victory, the greater the responsibility of the government. As a result, MLAs who can carry out the agenda of the organization with the government and get better results in the public court will be included in the cabinet. The party has decided to include women and youth in its cabinet, as well as experienced leaders.

Ministers who do not meet will be cut

In Yogi Sarkar 0.1, ministers who fail to meet the expectations of the government and the organization will not be allowed to return to government service. Meanwhile, some new faces who have won the first and second time will be given the chance to develop new leadership skills. Brahmins, Thakurs, Vaishyas, Jats, Kurmis, Kushwahas, Bhumihars, Pasi, Kori communities will be adequately represented in the cabinet.

Shah will come after Holi

Amit Shah and Raghuvar Das, appointed observers for the election of BJP lawmakers, are scheduled to arrive in Lucknow after Holi. Shah is expected in Lucknow on March 19 or 20. The BJP will elect its leader in his presence.

Two to four posts to allies

Apna Dal (S) and Nishad Party, the BJP’s allies in the cabinet, will get two to four posts. BJP leadership is considering giving one post to each party in the first phase, but both parties are seeking at least two posts.

7 PCS Affiliated To CM’s Swearing-In Program

In connection with the swearing-in ceremony for the formation of the new government, the government has assigned seven PCS officers to the Lucknow district administration. The government has attached these officers in accordance with the order issued by the Special Secretary of the Appointments Department on Wednesday. DM has written the government that it is possible for the CM and cabinet to take oath after March 20.

On top of the special guests, including the Prime Minister and Home Minister, about 70 thousand people are expected to attend. Therefore, a request was made to associate 7 PCS officers with effect from the evening of 19 March. The list includes Additional Director Civil Aviation Vishwabhushan Mishra, Deputy Housing Commissioner Prafulla Kumar Tripathi, Deputy Director Mandi Santosh Kumar and Chandan Kumar Patel, LDA OSD duo Arun Kumar Singh and Amit Kumar Rathore, as well as SDM Barabanki Shambhu Sharan.

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