Latest NewsHere are today's free spins and coins (Coin Master...

Here are today’s free spins and coins (Coin Master 2022 Daily Rewards)


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Coin Master 2022 Daily Rewards

A new reward like Coin Master 70 spins link, free spins promo code, 400 spin link, and spin link download bonus is posted in this post every day as they are officially released on Coin Master’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Here are the links for free spins and coins updated every day.

For Coin Master to continue rolling, it’s crucial that we have spins, but there aren’t enough of them. I will be updating this article daily with free spins links which are officially provided by the game creators Moonactive, so here are 7 ways to receive free spins weekly.
1. Free Spins Links for Coin Master Daily
Getting free spins is as simple as grabbing daily bonuses and rewards links. Coin Master releases free spins and coins links rewards on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Trading Group platforms every day.

Daily Updates on Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

Free Spins and Coins for Today (Daily Coin Master Rewards 2022)

We keep an eye on their social media accounts and update all the links as soon as they are published. You do not have to keep checking their social media profiles, you just need to make sure our post notification is on so that whenever we post a new link to this post, you will receive a notification on your mobile or desktop, and you can easily collect free spins and coins.

coin master spin link 2022 | Image Source: Free Game Tips
coin master spin link 2022 | Image Source: Free Game Tips

1 A typical day will include 4-5 links offering 25 spins, 2 million coins, 10 spins + 1 million coins or a Balloon Frenzy event. Since the giveaway timing isn’t fixed, we must keep checking their social media pages and after they publish it, we will update our notification and you will receive a notification from us.

If your friends and family didn’t receive any free spins or coins, share this post with them too so that they can receive them too.

2. Feel free to invite your friends

You can earn 40-120 free spins by inviting others who have never installed the game before. Playing this game with friends or family is more enjoyable. You can easily earn free spins by sharing your coin master referral link with friends and family who enjoy playing mobile games.
The things you must keep in mind before inviting them are that they must already be your Facebook friend and that they must use your referral link to download the coin master application. Then they need to connect their Facebook account with the game. If they have done these two things, you will receive an email notification indicating that you can collect 40-120 free spins.

3. Schedule of rewards

The daily login reward can be earned in the game just by opening the reward calendar every day. You will get free spins, coins, and a magical chest every day.

4. Compile a gift collection

Gifts that your friends send in the game are another way to get free spins. Go to the gifts section, and you will see your friend has gifted you spins and coins. Keep collecting and don’t forget to gift them back, they won’t deduct from your total coins and spins. Collecting spin gifts from your friends will give you 100 free spins maximum.

5. A complete set of cards

When you complete card sets, you will receive a large amount of free spins. When you collect all the cards of a set, you’ll get a free spins reward. I would advise you to always complete your set when Set Blast Card Event is running to get 30% more spins.
Completing sets allows you to earn free spins and boost your village levels and stars as you progress through coin master. You can easily get normal cards from Official Trading Group, and you can get gold cards from chests because they cannot be sent.

6. A daily bonus wheel is available

Spin the daily bonus wheel every 24 hours for free, it gets free after that. Therefore, you should keep spinning it until they become available. There is a bonus wheel that provides millions to billions of free coins.

7. It is a complete village

If you complete the entire village, you automatically receive 25 free spins. You must wait until the Village Master event to get more spins from completing your village. You will get extra free spins and other bonuses during the Village Master event. Use the Village Master event, it comes every day for a few minutes, like 30-60, but it’s really valuable.

8. Purchasing a package

Each day, coin master offers many types of purchasing packages, but we don’t have to buy any of them as we are just here to get a free spin. Yes, every day a package comes in which the first section is free. Here is a picture that will help you understand better. Do not forget to check all coin master packages whenever you see a free spin in the first section.
You can use the following 8 methods to get free spins daily to make the most of them. Please share this article with your friends who are new to coin master and always short of spins.

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