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Canadian PM ran away from home: Trudeau, who gave unsolicited advice on farmers’ issues, had to flee his residence after Canada’s Canada Truckers protest


Canadian PM ran away from home: Trudeau, who gave unsolicited advice on farmers’ issues, had to flee his residence after Canada’s Canada Truckers protest

PM Modi’s decision to rescind the Agriculture Act led farmer organizations to return home on December 11. During this time, a Prime Minister from a foreign country intervened in the internal affairs of India by speaking about the issue of human rights.

Farmers organizations in India called for the Delhi Chalo Andolan on 25-26 November 2020 to protest three agricultural laws enacted by the government. It has been approximately 378 days since this demonstration. In response to PM Modi’s decision to withdraw the Agriculture Act, farmer organizations returned home on December 11. During this time, the Prime Minister of a country interfered in the internal affairs of India by telling the issue of human rights. Trudeau, who offered unsolicited advice on the issue of farmers in India, is now facing opposition in his own country, with a view similar to that of the Singhu border observed in the country itself. Trudeau, who discusses the Indian farmers’ movement, calls the protesting truck drivers a “bundle of anarchist elements.”

Thousands of truckers and ordinary citizens have been protesting in Canada for the past week. The group has been named Freedom Convoy. The group has made its way from small towns into Ottawa. The protesters also surrounded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Parliament and said they would remain there until their demands were met. The Prime Minister and his family were evacuated to a secret location during this outrage. Today we will tell you why the truck drivers of Canada are angry with the government in such a situation. What do they want? What is the role of people of Indian origin in this whole issue and how will their protests affect Canada and America?

Canada Truckers building temporary houses along protest sites in Canada.

Canada Truckers building temporary houses along protest sites in Canada.
Canada Truckers building temporary houses along protest sites in Canada pic 1
Canada Truckers building temporary houses along protest sites in Canada.
Canada Truckers building temporary houses along protest sites in Canada pic 2

New rules under Trudeau and truckers’ performance

The Government of Canada introduced a rule on 15 January 2022. Truck drivers entering the Canadian border will have to show a vaccination certificate. If not, they will be quarantined for 14 days. America followed suit a week later. America shares its southern border with Canada. The two countries enjoy excellent trade relations. A large portion of imports and exports pass through the road. Trucks play an important role in maintaining this supply chain. Many countries in Europe and North America are holding demonstrations in support of the vaccine. Some see it as an attack on personal freedom.

What statement of Trudeau added fuel to the fire?

The vaccine has become a requirement for crossing the US border. Truck drivers are protesting this requirement. Justin Trudeau’s statement further fuelled the fire, and the truckers became indignant. Justin Trudeau called it a collection of anarchic elements. He called truckers a minority who do not care. Those perturbed by the restrictions also supported the angry truck drivers. In his statement, Trudeau termed the truckers anti-science after the truckers’ demonstration left the PM residence and moved to another safe place. Truck drivers are becoming a danger not only to themselves but to the entire population of Canada.
About 90 percent of truck drivers are doing the right thing by providing food to Canadians. Also read: Dingucha villagers pay tribute to four people who died on the US-Canada border
Protesters surrounded Parliament and PM’s residence

Thousands of truck drivers and protesters gathered in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. Prime Minister Trudeau’s residence was surrounded by angry protesters. A convoy of 70 trucks was called the Freedom Convoy. Tuckers waved flags demanding independence along with the Canadian flag. Truck drivers are also being supported by thousands of other protesters who are angry about Corona restrictions. On the roads, the sound of thousands of big trucks echoed. The drivers honked their horns in protest against the government as they neared the Parliament. Truckers protested the mandatory vaccination in Ottawa.

Support from all over the world

Justin Trudeau and his family had to leave the Prime Minister’s residence on January 29 when trucks carrying 50,000 protesters entered Ottawa from Vancouver. Or say that I had to flee. He is currently in Canada and is hiding. Protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building and other historic sites. Until Corona restrictions are lifted, he says he will not move from his residence. The Freedom Rally has received support not only from the opposition Conservative Party of Canada but also from outside. Former US President Donald Trump said in a rally that we stand with truck drivers. Trump’s son also attended the rally. Trump Jr. urged Americans to hold similar rallies. Tesla company owner and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Elon Musk, has backed the protesting truck drivers. As Musk tweeted, ‘Canadian truckers rule,’ the movement is now echoing in the United States.

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau on the farmers’ movement in India

He is the same Justin Trudeau who spoke about the right to protest in a democracy during the Indian peasant movement. In India, they not only expressed their concern over the farmers’ protest but also gave it their support. Justin Trudeau called it a peaceful protest and a human rights issue at that time. Interfering in India’s internal affairs, Trudeau said that the farmers should not be injured. Now that Canadian truck drivers have taken the capital of their own country hostage, Justin Trudeau has disappeared. Justin Trudeau and his family fled as soon as the matter came to their attention.

In world history, this will likely be the first time the Prime Minister of a country has been forced to leave his official residence to escape protesters in his own country. As a result, PM Trudeau has become the subject of memes on social media. Social media users report that Trudeau’s turn has come to worry about human rights in the matter of his country. On social media, a user attacked the Canadian PM for supporting farmer protesters opposing the Indian government. “Why aren’t we talking about this? The Canadian PM has run away from his house as truckers surround his home. People are constantly asking why Trudeau was involved in the election? Is he hiding the affairs of others now? Why isn’t he talking to the truck drivers directly? Why are you refusing to support Peaceful Protest?

Trudeau, however, should not run away from these truck drivers, but rather communicate with them. This is the most traditional form of debate and dialogue in Canada. Listen to their rights and demands. That’s what democracy is all about. These are their human rights. It should be the choice of these truck drivers whether to vaccinate or not.


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