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BrahMos Aerospace has been approved to supply Anti-Ship Missile System project to Philippines

Shock to China: Philippines approves proposal to buy BrahMos cruise missile from India for 374.9 million US dollars. 

Over the Philippines’ jurisdiction in the South China Sea, there is an ongoing dispute with China. A Philippine report suggests that BrahMos missiles can be deployed along the coastline in such an event.

It has suffered a major setback while showing its grandeur in the South China Sea. China’s aggressive attitude has led the Philippines to approve the purchase of the world’s fastest supersonic anti-ship cruise missile BrahMos from India. As reported by the news agency ANI, the information was sent to BrahMos officials by the Philippine Department of National Defense. The BrahMos missile has never been ordered from outside India. USD 374.9 million is the value of the deal.

Trust India against china :

Among the most significant aspects of this deal is the fact that the US ally Philippines has expressed confidence in the BrahMos missile made jointly by India and Russia for its military readiness against China. The BrahMos supersonic missile is capable of reaching speeds of 4321 kilometers per hour, three times the speed of sound.

Philippines to secure coastal areas against China :

China, which shows interest in the Philippines, has suffered a major setback from this deal. There is an ongoing dispute between China and the Philippines regarding the Philippines’ jurisdiction in the South China Sea. It is possible for the Philippines to deploy BrahMos missiles in their coastal areas if such a situation arises.

Orders from other countries will also be received soon

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and BrahMos Aerospace are making full efforts to export this missile. In addition, DRDO recently signed a deal with the US to manufacture radar in India. As well, the country is also expected to receive orders for the missile system from other friendly countries soon, as it is in the final stages of negotiations with some other countries as well. A number of advanced features have been added to the missile to increase its capabilities. This missile system can also be purchased from India by Vietnam, another neighbor of China.

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