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Biden’s warning to Russia: ‘dictator’ will have to pay a price, he made a big mistake.

Biden’s warning to Russia: ‘dictator’ will have to pay a price, he made a big mistake.

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, President Joe Biden addresses Congress during the State of the Union address. He says that Russia has no idea what we intend to do. Biden called Putin a dictator during this exchange.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden delivered the State of the Union address to the US Congress. He attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin strongly during the speech. The Russian leader made a big mistake, he said. Ukraine was attacked without provocation. In Putin’s view, Ukraine was weak, so it could be easily trampled upon. However, he was wrong.

Mr. Biden made it clear once again that the United States would not send its troops directly to war with Russia. The United States will, however, continue to help Ukraine. Joe Biden announced $100 million in aid to Ukraine. Along with this, he also closed off America’s airspace to Russia.

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Dictators need to be punished

Joe Biden said this is a war between democracy and dictatorship. Putin has erred by attacking Ukraine. The price of dictatorship is always high. The Russian economy has collapsed today. We have imposed many restrictions on them. In history, when dictators are not punished, they spread chaos. Other countries have to pay for this. Furthermore, when the history of this time will be written, there will be mention of the Russia-Ukraine war. Because of Putin, Russia will be portrayed as weak, while other countries will be seen as strong.

Putin thought he would divide Europe

Joe Biden said Putin thought Ukraine was weak during his State of the Union address to congress. “He will divide Europe, but we stand by Ukraine,” he said. “We will not allow Russia to act arbitrarily.” All of us are one. They have no idea what is about to happen. We have imposed several restrictions. All of Europe is one. We are providing Ukraine with military, economic, and humanitarian support. Russia’s economy is in a state of collapse.

Will protect even one inch of NATO land

Biden said if Putin does this on NATO land, we will protect every inch. Putin is now completely isolated. Over 30 countries, including America, are standing up to him. Putin may be ahead in the war zone, but he will have to pay the price later. Ukraine is fighting with all its might.

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