Election'Bhaiyya controversy': Manish Tewari criticized Channi

‘Bhaiyya controversy’: Manish Tewari criticized Channi

Bhaiyya controversy‘: Manish Tewari criticized Channi, comparing the matter to the black issue in the United States

Tiwari also mentioned his family’s contribution to Punjabiyat. ‘Eh Bhaiya Kithon Aga’ is said as a derogatory word in Punjabi, according to him.

Disgruntled Congress leader Manish Tewari criticized CM Charanjit Singh Channi’s remarks in a series of tweets on Friday over the ‘Bhaiyya controversy’ raging in Punjab on the eve of elections. Tiwari compared the situation to the black or apartheid controversy in America.

Tewari noted that Channi’s remarks reflect a systemic and institutionalized bias against migrants. He also mentioned the contribution of his family to Punjabiyat. ‘Eh Bhaiya Kithon Aga’ is said like a derogatory word in Punjabi, he said.

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Tiwari said the brother-in-law dispute in the politics of the horse is like the black issue in America. It reflects an unfortunate systemic and institutionalized prejudice against migrants who came to Punjab at the start of the Green Revolution.

On a personal note, despite my mother being a Jat Sikh and my father being a prominent leader of Punjab’s politics – devoted his life to the cause of Punjabi-Punjabi, Hindu-Sikh unity. Due to the name behind my back, it is called ‘Eh Bhaiya Kithon Aga’. This is one of the best Punjabi slang words. We need to keep it alive.

He said that such ideas have no place in the secular values of Punjab, which are based on ‘manas ki jaat, sab ki pechan.’

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