ElectionAssembly election 2022 results: Bharatiya Janata Party returns to power.

Assembly election 2022 results: Bharatiya Janata Party returns to power.

Assembly election 2022 results: Assembly election result 2022

The BJP increased its voter base in four out of five states. The number of votes increased in Punjab as well, although the number of seats decreased. The only state where votes did not meet expectations was Uttarakhand.

Uttar Pradesh: BJP-SP increases, BSP-Congress decreases

BJP: It received 41.38 percent of the vote this time, compared with 39.67 percent last year. An increase of 2.13 percent was required, but the number of seats decreased from 312. The NDA BJP won only 273 seats.
SP: The party got 32.03 percent more votes than in 2017 and got 125 seats. This has solidified its position as the main opposition party in the state.
BSP: This time there was a sharp decline, and its vote share was reduced to 12.83 percent. It was also given the same number of seats as five years ago when 19 seats were allocated.
Congress: In 2017, the state’s congressional vote was 6.25 percent, but this time it is down to 2.35 percent.

Uttarakhand: Congress votes just increased here

BJP: 46.5 percent of the votes were received in 2017, down to 44.3 percent this year. Seats were also won 57 out of 60, but this time 47 seats were won.
Congress: In the remaining four states, the votes for Congress have decreased, but in Uttarakhand, they have increased. As a result of 37.91 percent votes, 11 seats were won in 2017 and 19 seats were won this year.

Goa: Congress’s loss, BJP’s gain

BJP: In 2017, she received 32.5% of the vote. This time she received 33.31%. There were 13 seats won in the last election; this time, there are 20.
Congress: Congress’ votes have fallen from 28.4 percent to 23.46 percent. There were also 17 seats gained, but this time the number remained at 11.

Punjab: Government formed by Aam Aadmi Party

Aam Aadmi Party: As a result, Luck won 92 seats. The number was 20 last time. Votes rose from 23.7% to 42%.
Congress: Reduced from 38.5% to 23%. Reduced from 77 to 18 straight seats.
BJP: The vote increased from 5.4% to 6.6%. Only two seats were won. In 2017, three seats were won.
SAD: Last time, the Shiromani Akali Dal was with the BJP. It received 25.2% of the votes. This time, it received 18.38%.

Manipur: Congress remains half, NPEP triples

BJP: From 36.3% in 2017, 37.83 percent of the votes were cast. Seats also increased from 21 to 32.
Congress: A total of 35.1 percent of the votes were cast, which decreased by more than half to 16.83 percent.
NPEP: The National People’s Party, led by Konrad Sangma, received 17.29% of the vote, more than three times last time’s 5.1%. The seats also increased by 4, she managed to win seven.

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