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Army Chief said: Only trailer of war on Sino-Pak border, the battlefield will have to be prepared for future

Army Chief said:

He said the nuclear-armed neighboring country would continue to make efforts to achieve its strategic goals along the border, without naming Pakistan and China.
We are only watching the trailer of the war on the Sino-Pak border at this time, said  on Thursday. During the era of information systems, cyberspace and networks are being used to wage wars. We must prepare the battlefield for the future on this basis. The army chief spoke in an online seminar.

He said India is watching the trailer of future border conflicts with Pakistan and China. Other countries will continue to pursue their strategic objectives. A major war is also not ruled out in the future, according to him. There is a need to deploy capable forces equipped with modern technology on the northern border in such a scenario.

Underscoring the importance of proxy war

China’s and Pakistan’s disputed borders and the sponsored proxy war on them underscored the need for security mechanisms and resources, he said, without naming either country. The trailers of the information age appear as networks, in cyberspace. In these networks, conspiracy is hatched on unstable and active borders.

We need to imagine the battlefields of tomorrow

If we look around us, we will get a sense of reality, General Naravane said. In light of this reality, we should prepare for tomorrow’s war. These trailers should be used to design the battlefield of the future.

A meeting with top government officials

The Army Chief met with the top officers and all the commanders of the Indian Army. During the meeting, the recent changes on the border between India and China were discussed. Members of the Northern and Eastern Commands were also present. In reality, the standoff between India and China, as well as India and Pakistan, is getting worse day by day. In such a situation, the army chief is focusing on preparing the upcoming military strategy on these borders.

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