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America does not agree with Rahul Gandhi: Reaction came out on the statement of China and Pakistan, said this big thing

America does not agree with Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi claimed that Pakistan and China united under the Modi administration. Since then, politics has heated up around this claim.

A spokesman for the US State Department declined to comment on Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy. In fact, Ned Price was asked that Rahul Gandhi had said that China and Pakistan have come closer than ever because of PM Modi’s ineffective policies, and he replied that he would certainly not support those comments. According to him, this is an issue between Pakistan and China and it should be left to them.

Rahul made a statement in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday

Rahul Gandhi had claimed that Pakistan and China have united because of the wrong policies of the Modi government during the debate in the Lok Sabha on the Motion of Thanks on Ram Nath Kovind’s address. He said that the situation we face is no less serious. It is a serious threat to India. What have you done for us? Rahul also said that India did not have a guest for the Republic Day celebrations this year because the country is completely isolated and surrounded. PM Modi should ask himself why guests are not allowed on Republic Day, he said. We are surrounded by Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. We are surrounded by everything. Our adversaries are aware of our position.

Jaishankar refutes Rahul Gandhi’s claim on external affairs

Dr. S Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister, refuted Rahul Gandhi’s claim in the Lok Sabha that Pakistan and China have united as a result of the current government. Here are a few historical lessons: In 1963, Pakistan illegally ceded Shaksgam Valley to China. The Karakoram Highway was built through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in the 1970s. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, stated that he did not receive any guests at the Republic Day celebrations, saying that he does not know that the Corona period is currently underway.


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