Latest NewsAmerica: 4 people held hostage for the release of Pakistani scientist rescued

America: 4 people held hostage for the release of Pakistani scientist rescued

New York : Four people were taken hostage in Dallas, United States. The person who held the people hostage demanded the release of Pakistani scientist Afiya Siddiqui. American officials claim that Aafia Siddiqui tried to kill American military officers during her detention in Afghanistan. Currently, he is being held at FMC Carswell Jail in Texas. A sentence of 86 years has been imposed on him. President Biden of the United States kept an eye on this whole matter as well. A Jewish religious site in Texas has taken these people hostage. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that all 4 people have been rescued. They are all safe.

At the same time, the lawyer representing the brother of Pakistani scientist Afia Siddiqui had claimed that Afia, who took 4 people hostage, was not Siddiqui’s brother. The statement has been repeated in many places. Additionally, the attorney told the US media that his client was constantly calling US agencies to assure them he was not involved in the hostage-taking. He claims he is trying to get his sister released peacefully.

His senior officers also informed US President Joe Biden about this entire incident. They are told that they are given information in this regard occasionally. Senior members of the National Security Team also maintain contact with US agencies.

Colville police have informed that the hostage-taker has released a person. He is not injured. It is safe for him. There has been no report of casualties. During this time, FBI agents were busy contacting the hostage taker in order to end this situation through dialogue.

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