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Aliens Could Send Messages to Earth


Aliens Could Send Messages to Earth; Scientific Calculations Suggest

An intelligent alien civilization could beam quantum messages to Earth. New scientific studies suggest that quantum signals could travel over interstellar distances. Particles of light, or photons, could be transmitted over vast, interstellar distances without losing their quantum nature. Scientists searching for extra-terrestrial signals could also look for quantum messages.

Scientists are building quantum communications networks on the Earth, including sending quantum information via satellites. Physicists have calculated that quantum messages could be sent long distances through space.

Earth-based quantum communication is a technology that uses quantum particles to send information and has the potential to be more secure than standard or classical communication.

Theoretical Physicist Arjun Berera suggests that intelligent extra-terrestrials communications, if there are out there, may have also adopted quantum communications.
The average density of matter in space is much less than on Earth, particles could be expected to travel farther before succumbing to decoherence, which is a major obstacle. In case of decoherence a quantum particle loses its quantumness as it interacts with its surroundings.

Photograph Courtesy: Getty images
Photograph Courtesy: Getty images

Based on the calculations performed on the X-Ray photons scientists considered strategies to search for E.T.’s quantum dispatches. One potential type of communication to search for is quantum teleportation, in which the properties of a distant particle can be transferred to another. This quantum teleportation technology requires both quantum and classical signals, scientists could look for such simultaneous signals to identify any alien quantum missives.

Reference: Hearts by design (science.org)

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