Latest NewsAction: FIR on Facebook page 'Mangalore Muslim', accused of posting objectionabl

Action: FIR on Facebook page ‘Mangalore Muslim’, accused of posting objectionabl

A Facebook page in Mangalore (Karnataka) has been accused of posting derogatory content. ‘Mangalore Muslim’ is the name of this Facebook page.

Police in Mangalore (Karnataka) has filed an FIR against a Facebook page for posting derogatory content. This Facebook page is called ‘Mangalore Muslim’. Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar provided information about the FIR. Various petitions against the ban on Hijab in educational institutions of Karnataka are being heard in the High Court.

Mangalore Muslim
Mangalore Muslim

On Wednesday, senior advocate S Nagananand, representing the students of Pre University College in Udupi who is opposing the hijab, presented the court with a photo of one of the petitioner students’ Aadhar cards in which she is not wearing a hijab. It is not like it is being asked that they always wear hijab in public.

Chetan Kumar, a Kannada actor, and activist was arrested by the Bengaluru City Police in connection with the Karnataka Hijab controversy. Chetan is alleged to have posted the objectionable tweet against a High Court judge in a hijab case in Karnataka. A complaint has been filed against actor Chetan under sections 505(2) and 504 of the IPC.

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